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Research of the Space Resources Roundtable

The Space Resources Roundtable

In cooperation with its academic, governmental, and industry membership, the SRR distributes research related to the use and understanding of space resources. Documentation related to that work may be found in this directory.

Mars Water In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Planning (M-WIP) Study (2016)

This first-order analysis of supply-side planning from potential water resource deposits on Mars was jointly requested by NASA-SMD and NASA-HEOMD in January, 2016. It followed the strong interest generated on Mars ISRU at the First Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars, held in October, 2015.

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Space Resource Economic Analysis Toolkit: The Case for Commercial Lunar Ice Mining (2002)

The Colorado School of Mines, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and CSP Associates (Cambridge, MA) collaborated in a study of an integrated engineering-economic tool that was used to analyze the case of water, produced on the Moon, as a source of propellant for the transfer of communications satellites from low Earth orbit to geosynchronous Earth orbit.

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Conceptual Design of a Lunar Oxygen Pilot Plant (1988)

This report was sponsored by the Johnson Space Center in 1988 and describes a full engineering analysis of processes to extract oxygen from regolith ilmenite and solar wind hydrogen from the regolith. It contains many valuable scaling relationships for excavation, processing and extraction equipment.

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The Lunar Dust Problem:
From Liability to Asset

Lunar Dust has high magnetic susceptibility such that it can be picked up with a hand-held magnet!

Recent discoveries of the unique magnetic properties of lunar mare and highland soils by the senior authorís Tennessee group have led to suggested solutions to the liability of the lunar dust.

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