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Space Resources Roundtable XVIII /
Planetary & Terrestrial Mining
Sciences Symposium

Proceedings of joint SRR XI / PTMS


The eighth joint meeting of the Space Resources Roundtable and the Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium was held on May 1-3, 2017 in conjunction with the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) 2017 Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Abstracts and Presentations made available from this conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.

Proceedings (Abstracts and Presentations)

Technical Session 1 - Doing Business in Space I

Clive Neal, University of Notre Dame
Bringing the Moon into our Sphere of Economic Influence: the Importance of Lunar Resources
Documents   zip file download  2.4 mb

Joel Sercel, TransAstra
Framework for Evaluating Economic Impact of Asteroid Resources
Documents   zip file download  4.4 mb

Andrew Gemer, University of Colorado
The Space Economic Simulator: A Unifying Vision of the Future Commercial Space Economy
Documents   zip file download  1.3 mb

Ian Christensen, Secure World Foundation
An Update on the Progress of the Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Gerald Sanders, NASA Johnson Space Center
Leveraging Terrestrial Industry for Utilization of Space Resources
Documents   zip file download  2.5 mb

Technical Session 2 - Doing Business in Space II

Jim Keravala, OffWorld
OffWorld's Solar System Robotic Workforce
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Kyle Acierno, iSpace
Mining Opportunities with ispace, a Lunar Exploration Company
Documents   zip file download  2.6 mb

Melissa Sampson, United Launch Alliance
Resources in the Cislunar Marketplace
Documents   zip file download  3.4 mb

Technical Session 3 - Space Mining Concepts

Kyle Acierno, iSpace
iSpace & Team Hakuto's 2017 Lunar Mission
Documents   zip file download  4.2 mb

Joel Sercel, TransAstra
Physics Based Modeling of Thermal ISRU Processes
Documents   zip file download  2.2 mb

Dale Boucher, Deltion Innovations
Mining the Moon: A Step-wise Approach
Documents   zip file download  1.2 mb

Diane Linne, NASA Glenn Research Center
Connecting Projects to Complete the In Situ Resource Utilization Paradigm
Documents   zip file download  3.1 mb

Technical Session 4 - Space Mining Resource Extraction

Diane Linne, NASA Glenn Research Center
Extraction of Volatiles from Regolith or Soil on Mars, the Moon, and Asteroids
Documents   zip file download  1.7 mb

Laurent Sibille, Ascentech Enterprises
Modeling Tool for Off-Earth Mining Optimization and Resource Processing Based on Geological Contexts
Documents   zip file download  3.1 mb

Karol Seweryn, Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Lunar Regolith Sampling Using PACKMOON Device & its Potential Application for Moon Exploration and Utilization
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Aaron Olson, University of Wisconsin
Preliminary Test Results from the Helium Extraction and Acquisition Testbed
Documents   zip file download  7.4 mb

Technical Session 5 - Space Mining for Construction and Fabrication

John Hamilton, PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
Basalt Derived Feedstock for ISRU Manufacturing
Documents   zip file download  1.8 mb

Robert Ferguson, University of Texas at El Paso
Combustion Joining of Regolith Tiles for the InSitu Fabrication of Launch/Landing Pads on the Moon and Mars
Documents   zip file download  1.6 mb

Jesus Adolfo Dominguez, Florida Institute of Technology
Production of Commodities from Extraterrestrial Surfaces via Thermal Decomposition and Fractional Separation
Documents   zip file download  2.1 mb

Arthur Ruff, ISRU Tech Inc
Building with Reinforced Ice in Space
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Technical Session 6 - Technology Advances in Space Mining

Tai Sik Lee, Korea Institute of Civil and Building Technology
ISERI ISRU Construction Technology
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Michael Hecht, MIT Haystack Observatory
The Latest from MOXIE
Documents   zip file download  2.8 mb

Alex Ellery, Carleton University
Self-replicating Machines: From Theory to Practice
Documents   zip file download  2.9 mb

Evan Butler, Canadore College
Applied Lessons in the Use of Additive Manufacturing for Development of the PROMPT Toolset
Documents   zip file download  1.2 mb

Technical Session 7 - Space Mining Validation in a Terrestrial Environment

John Hamilton, PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
Proving and Improving Martian Mining ISRU technology in Hawaii
Documents   zip file download  11.9 mb

John Gjevre, University of Saskatchewan
Spinning Terrestrial Analog Regolith Filtering eXperiment
Documents   zip file download  1.9 mb

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