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        2024- SRR XXIV


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About the Space Resources Roundtable

The Space Resources Roundtable

The Space Resources Roundtable, Inc. was established as a non-profit corporation in the State of Colorado, September 7, 2001, to serve charitable and educational purposes. The organization promotes knowledge, advances education, and provides information on availability, applicability and status of development of the resources of space beyond the atmosphere of the Earth.

As of January, 2003, Space Resources Roundtable, Inc. was established as a 501 c (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.


The SRR serves as a communications mechanism between the wide range of people who are or should be involved in a multiplicity of aspects dealing with space resource development. These include technical fields such as: exploration; mineral extraction; refining; manufacturing; infrastructure development; space transportation; and a host of other technical areas that must be players. In addition, there must be participation from people who are developing markets that may be served by space resources products, such as space industrialization, tourism, space power, and terrestrial uses, as well as the financial, legal, and entrepreneurial aspects of resource development.

Program Goals

The SRR is engaged in the following program activities:

1.  Space Resources Roundtable meetings. These will be held from time to time, as appropriate, based on technical or programmatic progress.

2.  Maintenance of the Space Resources Roundtable web site. This will provide informative and educational materials on space resources for both professional and lay communities.

3.  Electronic communications network. The Space Resources Roundtable will provide a mechanism for professionals to communicate with each other electronically. Members of the Space Resources Roundtable will have access to information about the interests and experience of other members and will be provided with easy electronic access to individuals or to the entire membership.

The Board of Directors of the SRR consists of:

    Angel Abbud-Madrid, Golden, CO
    Leslie Gertsch, Rolla, MI
    G. Jeffrey Taylor, Honolulu, HI
    Robert Wegeng, Richland, WA

The current Officer and Committee Chair positions are:

    President and Chairman, Angel Abbud-Madrid
    Vice President, Leslie Gertsch
    Treasurer, Robert Wegeng
    Secretary, Jeffrey Taylor
    Registered Agent, Angel Abbud-Madrid

Membership in The Space Resources Roundtable, Inc.

Membership is open to those interested in the development of the resources of space and are either in a professional field that could be associated with space resource development or have experience in the development of resources for commercial purposes.

Membership dues are $50.00 per year (with a $75 discount on conference fees provided to all paid-up members of the SRR). Dues may be paid along with conference registration for annual SRR meetings.


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