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Space Resources Roundtable XVII /
Planetary & Terrestrial Mining
Sciences Symposium

Proceedings of joint SRR XI / PTMS


The seventh joint meeting of the Space Resources Roundtable and the Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium was held at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado on June 7-9, 2016.

Abstracts and Presentations made available from this conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.

Proceedings (Abstracts and Presentations)


Angel Abbud-Madrid, Colorado School of Mines
Current Activities on Space Resources, Future Opportunities, and Highlights of the 7th Joint SRR-PTMSS Meeting
Documents   zip file download  3.7 mb

Dale Boucher, Deltion Innovations, Ltd
Opportunities for Space Mining: The PTMSS Perspective
Documents   zip file download  17 mb

Technical Session 1 - MARS I

Richard Davis, NASA Headquarters
First Landing Site-Exploration Zone for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars
Documents   zip file download  9.5 mb

Julie Kleinhenz, NASA Glenn Research Center
Benefits of Mars ISRU Regolith Water Processing: a Case Study for the NASA Evolvable Mars Campaign
Documents   zip file download  3.2 mb

David Beaty, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Description of Water Resources on Mars that Have the Potential to Become Reserves as Part of a Human Exploration Zone: The M-WIP Study, Part 1
Documents   zip file download  10.2 mb

Paul Van Susante, Michigan Technological University
Engineering Analysis of Candidate Ore Cases for ISRU Water Production on Mars: The M-WIP Study, Part 2
Documents   zip file download  3.3 mb

Charles Whetsel, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Engineering Sensitivities to Ore Characteristics for Water Resources on Mars and Implications for Resource Exploration Approaches: The M-WIP Study, Part 3
Documents   zip file download  4.3 mb

Technical Session 2 - MARS II

Jerry Sanders, NASA Johnson Space Center
System Maturation Team Assessment of ISRU for NASA Evolvable Mars Campaign
Documents   zip file download  3.3 mb

Michael H. Hecht, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) on the Mars 2020 Rover
Documents   zip file download  37.8 mb

Martin Barmatz, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Efficient Microwave Approaches for Extracting Water from Hydrated Minerals
Documents   zip file download  3.6 mb

Robert Shishko, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Integrated Economics Model for ISRU in Support of a Mars Colony: Initial Results
Documents   zip file download  11.8 mb

John Hamilton, PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
The Journey to Mars with ISRU Pathway
Documents   zip file download  32.4 mb

Technical Session 3 - ISRU Construction and Manufacturing Technologies

Byung Chul Chang, International Space Exploration Research Institute of Hanyang University
Manufacturing for Planetary Construction using Polymeric Concrete
Documents   zip file download  11.6 mb

Richa Batra, Columbia University
Transforming Lunar Regolith into a Digital Printable Material
Documents   zip file download  42.4 mb

Armando Delgado, The University of Texas at El Paso
Reaction Mechanisms in Combustible Regolith/Magnesium Mixtures
Documents   zip file download  6.3 mb

Robert Kelso, PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
PISCES: PAVING the Way to Planetary Basalt ISRU Construction - Lunar Launch/Landing Pad
Documents   zip file download  15.1 mb

Technical Session 4 - Space Commerce & Space Policy

Brad Blair, Newspace Analytics LLC
Space Mineral Resources: Market Modeling and Propellant Demand Forecasting
Documents   zip file download  1.7 mb

Donald Barker, MAXD, Inc
Resource Considerations for Enabling Sustainable Trans-Earth Habitation
Documents   zip file download  14.3 mb

Ian Christensen, Secure World Foundation
The Policy Context for Space Resources Development
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

George Sowers, United Launch Alliance
ULA Cislunar 1000 Plan
Documents   zip file download  3.9 mb

Andrew J. Gemer, University of Colorado, Boulder
Analysis and Economics of Emerging Space Industry: Lunar Resource Extraction
Documents   zip file download  11.6 mb

Technical Session 5 - Moon

Kyle Acierno, ispace Technologies
Google Lunar XPRIZE TEAM HAKUTO Lunar Mission
Documents   zip file download  19.0 mb

Leon Croukamp, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Proposed Lunar Geotechnical GIS
Documents   zip file download  5.0 mb

Christopher Buelke, University of North Dakota
Moon Rocks into Spacecraft LOX: Modernizing a Study and Comparing Reactions
Documents   zip file download  8.0 mb

Warren Platts, Groundhog GeoScience, LLC
Drilling for Water on the Moon
Documents   zip file download  3.5 mb

Technical Session 6 - Near Earth Asteroids

Robert Jedicke, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
Assessing the Availability of Low Delta-V Targets for ISRU Development and Water Extraction
Documents   zip file download  8.5 mb

Joel Sercel, TransAstra, Corp
Asteroid Provided In-Situ Supplies (APIS): Technology and Mission Architecture
Documents   zip file download  17.3 mb

Egboche Unobe, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Preliminary Experimental Volatiles Recovery from Carbonaceous Asteroid Simulants
Documents   zip file download  2.6 mb

Mark Berggren, Pioneer Astronautics
Carbonaceous Asteroid Volatile Recovery System
Documents   zip file download  8.6 mb

Grant Bonin, Deep Space Industries, Inc
Enabling Technologies for Asteroid Mining
Documents   zip file download  56.2 mb

Laurent Sibille, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Excavation and Volatile Analysis in Icy Asteroid Simulant
Documents   zip file download  6.2 mb

Jay McMahon, University of Colorado, Boulder
Lofted Regolith Sampling of Small Bodies
Documents   zip file download  14.1 mb

Technical Session 7 - ISRU Technologies and Propulsion

Jim Mantovani, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Evaluation of Regolith-Based Radiation Shielding Materials
Documents   zip file download  65 kb

Aaron Olson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Implantation of Helium into JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant for Volatile Extraction System Testing
Documents   zip file download  64 mb

Laurent Sibille, NASA Kennedy Space Center
In-Space Propulsion and Power using Volatile Space Resources
Documents   zip file download  7.6 mb

Thomas Joslyn, Omitron Corporation
Droplet Stream Momentum Exchange as the Basis for an Extremely Efficient Solar System Transportation System
Documents   zip file download  15 mb

Jekan Thanga, Arizona State University
ISRU of Water for Interplanetary Steam Propulsion using Carbon Nanoparticles
Documents   zip file download  19.8 mb

Technical Session 8 - ISRU Technologies and Programs

Jim Mantovani, NASA Kennedy Space Center
TransFormers for Ensuring Long-Term Operations in Lunar Extreme Environments
Documents   zip file download  18.6 mb

Diane Linne, NASA Glenn Research Center
Overview of Proposed ISRU Technology Development
Documents   zip file download  2.2 mb

Robert Kelso, PISCES, University of Hawaii, Hilo
MoonRIDERS: NASA and Hawaii Lunar Surface Flight Experiment for Late 2017 in ISRU Dust Removal Technologies
Documents   zip file download  65 mb

Tai Sik Lee, Korea Institute of Civil and Building Technology
South Korea Space Resources Program
Documents   zip file download  41 mb

Technical Session 9 - Robotic Excavation and Extraction

Sherry Schmidt, Deltion Innovations, Ltd
Thermal Vacuum Drill Testing
Documents   zip file download  23 mb

Kris Zacny, Honeybee Robotics
Planetary Volatiles Extractor (PVEX) for In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
Documents   zip file download  2.7 mb

A. J. Nick, NASA Kennedy Space Center
Design of an Excavation Robot: Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) 2.0
Documents   zip file download  65 mb

Ruben Duhme, Herrenknecht AG
Mechanizing Extraterrestial Excavation: Transfer Potentials from the TBM Industry
Documents   zip file download  17.1 mb

John Meyer, Colorado School of Mines
Underground Resource Prospecting Using a Semi-Autonomous, Multi-Instrumented Robot
Documents   zip file download  38.5 mb

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