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     White Papers




Space Resources Roundtable III

The Third Space Resources Roundtable was held at the Colorado School of Mines in 2001.

Abstracts and papers discussed during that conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.



B.R. Blair, Graduate Student, Division of Economics and Business, Colorado School of Mines
Reducing the Public Cost of Asteroid Hazard Detection
Abstract   zip file download

S.K. Borowski
The Feasibility of 24 Hour Commuter Flights to the Moon Using Nuclear Thermal Rockets With LUNOX Afterburners
Abstract   zip file download

G. De Maria, B. Brunetti, G. Trionfetti and D. Ferro
Preliminary Results on High Temperature Process of Ilmenite Reduction by Ammonia
Abstract   zip file download

S. Durst, M. Cerney, L. Yuen, S. He, J. Valcov
From Hawaii to the Moon: 2001 Design Study Introduction
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

D. Dyar, D. Rice, M. Duke and C. Wolden
Generation and Recovery of Volatiles in Low Pressure Environments
Abstract   zip file download

C.L. Gerlach, Communications Sector Lead, e-Business Innovation Institute, IBM Corp.
Expanding the Sphere of Commerce Beyond the Earth: First Steps Toward Creating Space-Based Business Ecosystems
Abstract   zip file download

L. Johnson, R.H. King and M. Duke, Colorado School of Mines
Conceptual Design of ISRU Propellant Storage Depots
Abstract   zip file download

H. Mandell, Johnson Space Center
Early Mars Subsurface Access
Abstract   zip file download

B. Mishra
Application of Molten Salts in Metals Production
Abstract   zip file download

X. Zhang, M. Castillo, F.D. Schowengerdt, R. Ayers, H.C. Yi, J.Y. Guigne, J.J. Moore
Effect of Gravity on the Combustion Synthesis of Engineered, Advanced Materials
Abstract   zip file download

T. Muff, R.H. King, and M.B. Duke
Analysis and Design of a Small Robot for Martian Regolith Excavation
Documents   zip file download  1.3 mb

D.J. O'Donnell
Creditors' Rights to Foreclose on Outer Space Resources
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

L. P. Quinn, Chief Designer, The Martian Embassy LLC
Mining With Limited Force Tools and Microscale Mining Machines. The Ants of Toutatis.
Documents   zip file download  2.9 mb

E.E. Rice, AIAA/SCWG-TC Chairman, ORBITEC President and CEO
Formation of the AIAA Space Colonization Working Group and Technical Committee (SCWG-TC)
Documents   zip file download  1.1 mb

G. Rodriguez, sysRAND Corporation
The Development and Realization of a Silicon-60-Based Economy in CisLunar Space
Documents   zip file download  .4 mb

S.D. Rosenberg, D.B. Makel
Carbothermal Reduction Process for Manufacture of Oxygen, Silicon, and other Useful Products on the Moon: 1961-2001
Abstract   zip file download

E.E. Butler, K.A. Debelak, and J.A. Roth, Department of Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
Kinetics of Ilmenite (FeTiO) Reduction With Hydrogen
Abstract   zip file download

D. Smitherman, J. Fikes, S. Roy, M.W. Henley, S.D. Potter
Space Resource Requirements for Future Propellant Depots
Documents   zip file download  .3 mb

G.J. Taylor, L. Martel
Prospecting for Lunar and Martian Resources
Abstract   zip file download

J. Van Cleve, C. Grillmair, M. Hanna
Helium-3 Mining Aerostats in the Atmosphere of Uranus
Abstract   zip file download

R.S. Wegeng, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Development of Micro Chemical and Thermal Systems for Applications in Near-Earth Space
Abstract   zip file download

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