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Space Resources Roundtable IX

Proceedings of SRR IX


The Ninth Space Resources Roundtable was held at the Colorado School of Mines in October, 2007.

Presentations made available from that conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.


SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama    SRR IX panorama

ISRU Support Systems

J. Diaz, D. Vivanco
ISRU-based Transportation Architecture for the Moon using Direct 2.0 Launch Vehicles
Documents   zip file download  3.0 mb

R. Kreutzbert, J. Elliot, A. Forssen, J. Geiger, B. Johnson, Z. Jones, C. Pangell, K. Smith, K. Vantreese
Simulated Lunar Habitat
Documents   zip file download  9.6 mb

F.A. Slane, G. Rodriguez
Standards: An Extension of Layered Architectures for Mitigation and Processing of Planetary Dust for Manned and Robotic Exploration
Documents   zip file download  0.3 mb

G. Rodriguez, R.X. Lenard
An Industrial-Grade Power Generation Management and Distribution System for Lunar Surface ISRU Applications
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

G.A. Konesky
In-Situ Construction of a 100 Meter Lunar Liquid Mirror Telescope
Documents   zip file download  24.9 mb

Non-Lunar ISRU

G.A. Landis
Meteoric Steel as a Construction Resource on Mars
Documents   zip file download  5.9 mb

T. Makabe, H.Yano
The Effective Bullet Shape for Impact Asteroid Sampling
Documents   zip file download  6.5 mb

J.G. Rodriguez
Defining Intercept Orbits for NEO 2004 GU0 in Support of Potential Long-Duration Manned or Sample-Return Missions
Documents   zip file download  0.6 mb

Regolith Simulants

T. Garza-Cruz, M. Nakagawa
Modeling of Agglutinates and Its Mechanical Properties
Documents   zip file download  1.7 mb

M. Nakagawa
Modeling of Coagulation of Charged Dust
Documents   zip file download  4.0 mb

R.H. King, L.L. Johnson, M.B. Duke
Laboratory Measurement of Soil Excavation Forces and Relation to Lunar Soil Geotechnical Properties
Documents   zip file download  6.6 mb

E. Rame, A. Wilkinson, A. Elliot, C. Young
Flowability of JSC1-a

J.R. Gaier
The Need for High Fidelity Lunar Regolith Simulants
Documents   zip file download  1.0 mb

Lunar ISRU

L. Sigurdson, D.Boucher
Cryotesting of Drill Components
Documents   zip file download  34.5 mb

K. Zacny, G. Mungas, C. Mungas, D. Fisher, M. Hedlund
Pneumatic Lunar Regolith Excavator

S.L. Schmidt, D. Boucher, G.B. Sander, B.J. Rosenbaum
Integrated Facilities Testing of the Excavation and Bulk Regolith Characterization Module of RESOLVE
Documents   zip file download  42.5 mb

J.M. Kruger, J.L. Jordan
The Astronaut-tended Regolith Imaging System (ATRIS): A Quick and Easy Way to Image the Shallow Lunar Subsurface Using Ground-penetrating Radar
Documents   zip file download  71.7 mb

A. Kókány, D. Koltai, P. Pál, I. Urbán, T. Varga, I. Szilágyi
Practical Questions and Task Analysis of Realization and Operation of a Lunar Robot for Moving Lunar Surface Materials
Documents   zip file download  2.0 mb

H. Kanamori, Lunar Resources Utilization Study Group
ISRU Mission Recommendations to the SELENE-2 Project
Documents   zip file download  5.2 mb

Facilities Proposals

E. Santiago-Maldonado, D.L. Linne
ISRU System Model Tool: From Excavation to Oxygen Production

E.H. Cardiff, B.R. Pomeroy, L.A. Garchar
Scaling Towards Oxygen Production
Documents   zip file download  30.0 mb

R.P. Mueller, R.H. King
Criteria for Lunar Outpost Excavation
Documents   zip file download  2.6 mb

Briefings From Other ISRU Groups

M.B. Duke, F. Schowengerdt
PISCES: ISRU Research and Demonstration Plan
Documents   zip file download  2.4 mb

Regolith Simulants Discussion

Marshall Space Flight Center
Summary of the Lunar Simulant Workshop, 10-12 Oct., 2007

Masami Nakagawa
Summary of the Lunar Geomechatronics Workshop II, 24 Oct., 2007

SRR IX panorama
The weather at this year's Roundtable provided us with picture-perfect days of Fall.

If you would like to view a full 360° panorama of the Colorado School of Mines campus on the Ninth SRR's opening day, you can download a high-resolution set of images by clicking here.

See you all in 2008!

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