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Space Resources Roundtable VIII

Proceedings of SRR VIII


The eighth Space Resources Roundtable was held at the Colorado School of Mines in late 2006.

Presentations made available from that conference may be viewed through the download links provided here.


D.J. Atkinson, NASA ESMD
NASA Lunar Precursor and Robotic Program
Documents   zip file download  2.6 mb

M.B. Duke, Colorado School of Mines
Scientific Context for the Exploration of the Moon: A National Research Council Space Science Board Study
Documents   zip file download  2.5 mb

ISRU and the Lunar Environment

K. Heiss, A. Ignatiev, and P. van Susante
Development of a Lunar Water Astroparticle Observatory Using In Situ Resources

G.A. Smithers, M.K. Hehls, M.A. Hovater, S.W. Evans, J.S. Miller, R.M. Broughton, Jr., D. Beale, and F. Kilinc-Balci
A One-Piece Lunar Regolith-Bag Garage Prototype
Documents   zip file download  4.9 mb

B. Boldoghy, J. Kummert, I. Szilágyi, T. Varga, and Sz. Bérczi
Feasibility Concept of Creating Protected Spaces with Great Size and Balanced Interior Temperature for Industrial Activities on the Moon
Documents   zip file download  1.8 mb

J. Diaz and B. Ruiz
Comparative Study of ISRU-based Transportation Architectures for the Moon and Mars: LOX/LH2 vs. LOX/Methane
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

B.Blair, B.Damer, D. Rasmussen, and P. Newman
Design Simulation in Support of Exploration and ISRU for NASA’s Lunar Exploration Program and the Mining Industry
Documents   zip file download  37 mb

J.S. Halekas, G.T. Delory, T.J. Stubbs, W.M. Farrell, R.R. Vondrak, and M.R. Collier
Lunar Electric Fields and Dust: Implications for In Situ Resource Utilization
Documents   zip file download  2.9 mb

F.A. Slane and G. Rodriguez
Layered Architectures for Mitigation and Processing of Planetary Dust for Manned and Robotic Space Exploration
Documents   zip file download  .27 mb

L.A. Taylor and J.T. James
Potential Toxicology of Lunar Dust
Documents   zip file download  6.9 mb

Infrastructure and Commercial

C.D. O’Dale
Building Private and Public Sector Support for Space Resource Use
Documents   zip file download  .1 mb

H.A. Thronson, S. Sharma and A.E. Schweitzer
Future In-Space Operations Support of ISRU

R.M. Westfall
Galactic Mining Industries Inc. – Business Plan Development – Market Definition and Revenue Streams
Documents   zip file download  1.1 mb

B.L. Fraser
Advanced Ultra High Displacement Compressor Technology for Space Industrialization as an Economic Tool for Space Exploration


B.L. Cooper
Craters and Channels on Malapert Mountain in the Lunar South Pole Region: Challenges Associated with High-Incidence-Angle Imagery
Documents   zip file download  1.4 mb

R.C. Elphic, D.J. Lawrence, P.Chu and BJ.B. Johnson
Tests of the Utility of Neutron and Gamma Ray Probes for Resource Prospecting and Characterization
Documents   zip file download  2.8 mb

J.B. Johnson, R. Bates, E.S. Berney, IV, R.Elphic, B.J. Glass, R.B. Haehnel, and S. Taylor
CRUX II: Mapper-Decision Support System Project
Documents   zip file download  5.3 mb

K.R. Johnson and R.W. Easter
In-Situ Resource Prospecting, Assaying and Mapping

J. Plescia, P.Spudis and B.Bussey
A Robotic Mission Strategy for Choosing an ISRU Prospect and Process

Excavation and Materials Handling

D. Glaser, G. Paulsen, K.Zacny, K.Davis, E. Mumm, and B. Glass
Autonomous Drills for Planetary Subsurface Access
Documents   zip file download  17.7 mb

K. Yoshida, K. Nagatani, G. Ishigami, S. Shimizu, K. Sekimoto, A. Miyahara and T. Yokoyama
Soil Mechanics of Lunar Regolith Simulants for Probe Landing and Rover Locomotion
Documents   zip file download  2.2 mb

L.L. Johnson and P. J. van Susante
Excavation System Comparison: Bucket Wheel vs. Bucket Ladder
Documents   zip file download  .9 mb

L.A. Taylor and B. Eimer
Lunar Regolith, Soil, and Dust Mover on the Moon
Documents   zip file download  16.6 mb

M. Berggren, R. Zubrin, S. Carrera, J. Kilgore, J. Campbell, H. Rose, N. Jameson, C. Boyll, and C. Roark
Lunar Materials Handling System
Documents   zip file download  4.2 mb

B. Blair
A Long-Endurance Retaskable Transfer Vehicle
Documents   zip file download  3 mb

S. Trigwell, J.G. Captain, E.E. Arens, J.E. Captain, J.W. Quinn, and C.I. Calle
The Use of Tribocharging in the Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Simulant
Documents   zip file download  10.8 mb

The Eighth Continent Project

B. Fort
Bringing Space Down To Earth - A Roadmap for Integrating Space Resources Into the Global Economy
Documents   zip file download  1.3 mb

Resource Extraction

E. H. Cardiff and B. R. Pomeroy
Development of Vacuum Pyrolysis Techniques
Documents   zip file download  17.5 mb

K.S. Tripuraneni Kilby, L. Centeno, G. Goughty, S. Mucklejohn, and D.J.Fray
The Electrochemical Production of Oxygen and Metal via the FFC-Cambridge Process
Documents   zip file download  9.9 mb

T. Watanabe, S. Komatsuzaki, H. Kanamori, and S. Aoki
Kinetic Investigation of Water Production from Lunar Soil Simulant by Hydrogen Reduction
Documents   zip file download  .4 mb

D.S. Boucher
Planetary Mining: Planning the Dig and Digging the Plan
Documents   zip file download  5.4 mb

G.S. Mungas, D. Rapp, R.W. Easter, T. Wilson, and K.R. Johnson
Sublimation Extraction of Mars H2O fro ISRU

A. Muscatello, D. Bruinsma, and R. Zubrin
Integrated Mars In-Situ Propellant Production System
Documents   zip file download  4.3 mb

Regolith Simulants

J. Richard, D.S. Boucher and M.M. Battler
Lunar Physical Simulant: Evolution, Production and Use
Documents   zip file download  3 mb

H. Kanamori, K. Matsui, A. Miyahara and S. Aoki
Development of New Lunar Soil Simulants in Japan
Documents   zip file download  .3 mb

D. Rickman, C. Owens, R. Howard, and C. McLemore
Requirements and Techniques for Developing and Measuring Simulant Materials
Documents   zip file download  1.5 mb

R. Gustafson, B. White, M. Gustafson, and J. Fournelle
Development of a Lunar Agglutinate Simulant
Documents   zip file download  6.2 mb

T. Kobayashi, H. Ochiai, N. Yasufuku, K. Omine, S. Aoki, H. Kanamori, K. Matsui, and A. Miyahara
Load-Settlement Characteristics of Japanese Lunar Soil Simulant in Partial Gravity

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